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Smafolk Short Sleeve Zip Swimsuit- Pink Landscape


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UV50 Suit with Landscape print. The suit has short sleeves and short legs,and closes with zipper. Småfolk UV-swimwear protects the child with UPF50+The UV factor is knitted into the fabric.

Size Info

How to find your child's size:

Measure your child without clothes. Find the measurement in table in photos and read the best fitting size.
All clothing is added extra width for movement.
Follow chest width for tops and dresses and follow waist and hip width for bottoms.

How to measure your child:

1. Height
Place your child against a wall with legs together and measure from top of head to floor.

2. Chest width
Measure around the chest, right below the armpit where the child is widest. The child must stand with arms relaxed along the sides.

3. Waist width
Measure around the waist, the narrowest place on the upper body. The child must stand with arms relaxed along the sides.

4. Hip width
Measure around the hip, the widest place on the bottom.

5. Inner leg length
Measure from crotch to floor, along the leg.

Smafolk Swim Garment Care

Care Instructions
To keep the coloring of the swimwear, SMÅFOLK recommends you to rinse the swimwear in clean cold tap water, avoid drying in direct sunlight and avoid tumble dry.
To keep the smooth surface of the swimwear avoid contact with rough surfaces. 

Småfolk recommends washing clothes inside out

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