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Welcome to the boutique!

We are here to inspire your childhood nostalgia and to help you create future memories while being mindful that Sustainable, Organic and Ethically produced clothing is a responsibility and a compassion to our environment and to the hard workers who create our clothing.  The unique, and thoughtfully crafted clothing and accessories are all made with this compassion where possible. 

I run a family owned and operated company, and at the heart of this business is simply, a mom who loves to share in the excitement of dressing the children of today and tomorrow.

I seek out special designers from around the globe to offer them right here. As a parent, I understand that some days call for new and special pieces while others are good for play-wear to get down and dirty wearing. These clothes can be passed down for generations to come.

This is BayBee Clothes, where parents can find both new and preloved clothing to make those memories last forever. Whatever your budget, we can help style your loved ones.

Happy Shopping,

Jennifer Ginsberg

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