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DUNS Sweden Yellow Sunflower Bedding

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This set is for a duvet cover &  pillowcase. There are no sheets!

Materials: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Interlock

GOTS Certified Non Toxic dye and print.
GOTS Certified production. GOTS Certification number CU829572
Made in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

Garment Care: Wash at 40C, air dry or dry on low. Some amount of Shrinkage will occur as Organic Cotton is not treated with anti-shrinkage chemicals. Washing and Drying on high heat will increase the rate of shrinkage.

Size Info:

Junior Bedding: 140 x 100 cm (55 x 39 in) Duvet & Pillowcase is 45 x 60 cm. This equates to roughly the same as crib size

Adult Bedding: 200 x 150 cm (78 x 59 in) Duvet & Pillowcase is 50x60cm. This would be perfect for a Single bed, or perfect for any size bed if each sleeper has their own Duvet!

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